Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aftermath: Phoenix Commotion Tour

This past weekend, we had the chance to tag along on the monthly Phoenix Commotion house tour. The Phoenix Commotion is a local building initiative headed by Dan Phillips. If you've seen "The Bone House" or "The Budweiser House," you've seen a Phoenix Commotion house. [Side note: Phoenix Commotion also built the offices of T.J. Burdett & Sons. You can see the building from I-45 if you're coming into town from the north.]

The tour starts off at The Bone House (2017 Avenue N). The group is allowed to view the entire house, inside and out. Dan then gives a brief (or not so brief, depending on the crowd) lecture and answers questions. 

Dan Phillips

After everyone's questions have been answered, the group caravans to the other locations on the tour. A colorful, hand-drawn map of these locations can be found here

The second stop of the tour is "The Tree House." This is currently the home of Huntsville's favorite new bakery - Sugar Skull Sweets. If you're lucky, they'll be open during the tour and you can purchase a cupcake, cookie, or scone. (They're good - promise!)

The Tree House
A few of the houses are just passed by without stopping, but you can go back on your own with your map and take photos if you want. The tour makes a brief stop at Charleston House and Story Book House:

Charleston House

Story Book House

The tour ends at the building site of more Phoenix Commotion homes, and Dan is available to answer any additional questions. 

We would like to thank Dan, Edie, and Bob for having us on the tour. Dan has a wealth of knowledge and a great sense of humor and we can all learn a thing or two from him. Edie and Bob currently live in The Bone House and allow strangers into their home for these tours. Be sure to be respectful of their home. 

The tour costs $10 per person and can be paid for online. For more information and to really get a feel or what the Commotion is all about (Sorry; Couldn't help it!), check out the Phoenix Commotion website here: The next public tour is scheduled for February 25 at 2:30p. 

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  1. Probably an often asked question but why Huntsville as the backdrop for these houses? Were you inspired by the city in general or it's historic architecture?

    Thank you,
    Van Little