Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bathroom Art: Stardust Room

Sometimes we find art in art galleries and other times we find it while peeing in public restrooms. Jess and I have always been intrigued by bathroom graffiti as well as the artwork that people decide to hang up near the commode. Is it art or is it (pun intended) a bunch of crap? We don’t mind taking the pictures, and you can answer that question for yourself.

The following pictures were taken in the women’s restroom of the Stardust Room—a local favorite for many local artists. 

Located close to the floor next to the toilet is this drawing of a tiger's face. Someone must have been in there for a while to draw this, and we applaud your effort... and also hope that it was the need to draw that took up your time and NOT horrible constipation. 

On the wall is a painting that seems to represent music, masks, and stuff--I have never been the best at interpreting paintings.

I see a cat face pattern here:

Also, someone put a sticker of the word "complete" on the toilet paper dispenser. What does this mean? Does someone want people to "complete" their bathroom experience by wiping? Or is it something deeper than that? It's a mystery! 

Finally, remember to do this: 

Overall, I grade the art in the Stardust bathroom a B-. I enjoyed the cat faces and the "complete" mystery of the sticker on the toilet dispenser, but I also found it to be lacking in both quantity and quality. I expected more from you Stardust Room, but at least it was cleaner than the majority of bar bathrooms in town. You might want to do something about this crack, though:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Aftermath: SHSU Art Auction (4/30)

Hey, art patrons. On Saturday, we headed over to the first annual SHSU Student Art Association auction. There was plenty of art to view on the walls in the main room and tons of art laying out on tables in the back room of Crazywood Gallery. What was missing? The art patrons of Huntsville and participants in the live auction. I'm not sure why the attendance was so low, but you all missed out on free refreshments - and I know you love free stuff. More importantly, you missed out on seeing the artwork of some talented artists. Some of the work really stood out. Hopefully, we will be featuring some of these artists' talents in our blog soon.

Aside from posting in a newspaper that no one reads or putting up posters that many will overlook, there are not many ways to get the word out about these types of events in Huntsville, so please tell your artist and art lover friends about us and have them subscribe to or bookmark this blog. We will try our best to notify you of upcoming events and feature many known and underground artists in the area. If you know of someone who creates and you would like to see them featured here, please let us know.

Next time there is an event like this, I want to see all sorts of people there! There was seriously something for everyone - a wide variety of styles. See you next time!