Monday, October 10, 2011

AFTERMATH: Brush Muscle with Andy Don Emmons and Micheal Wynne

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of viewing the Brush Muscle Art Show, which included original works by Andy Don Emmons and Micheal Wynne. They collaborated on each piece, and here are some pictures of my favorites:

Like most art, I probably don't entirely get what is going on here, but whatever it is, I LIKE it:

You better watch out for THIS painting:

More pictures can be found HERE on our Facebook page. If you haven't already "liked" it, you should. :)

This man was seriously thinking about having some of the yummy homemade pozole that was right next to him. The pozole was made by Sandy Bates Emmons, who unfortunately could not be there that night because she was taking care of a very pregnant miniature donkey. I am hoping that the donkey and babies are doing okay:

The Crazywood Dance Studio is also good for SKATEBOARDING!
(Myron showing off his smooth skateboarding moves)

Artist Andy Don Emmons is also known for his Cuzzin Longhair's Psychedelic Armadillo Show on 93.5 The Outlaw. Many of his fellow coworkers came out to support his art show. You may not recognize them by their faces, but their voices should be familiar from listening to that very awesome radio station:

("The Weather Goddess, Crystal Clear, and her Adonis"- Quote borrowed from Sandy Bates Emmons)

(Dave "The Troll Hunter" LeLeux)

Overall, I am very impressed with the art work in the Brush Muscle Art Show. I am also very impressed with the Crazywood Art Gallery. It does not feel like Huntsville when you step inside. I am looking forward to going back and getting to know more of the local artists and seeing more of their art work.

For instance, I am looking forward to seeing the artwork of THIS young local artist, Ilyana Mansfield.

Her deviant art page is right here:

Thanks for the excellent art show, Andy Don Emmons and Micheal Wynne! I hope to see more of your artwork in the near future.

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